The Artumès & Co brand

"You have to move with the times "...

Here is an expression that sounds self-evident, like a principle, guidelines you can’t disregard.Bold or brazen would be the one to only look towards the past;.
In this perspective, fashion becomes a crazy goad of perilous abstraction : constant search of novelty, privilege of the latest new thing, often detrimental to quality and almost always, of style.
The Artumès & Co company is at the crossroads.
It draws its inspiration in tradition, this rich domain with such rich vocabulary, all the while keeping an objective and modern look on our demanding times : lightness of the fabrics, softness of wools and cottons, garment cuts suitables to our new lifestyles…
Thereby, without ever sacrifying style, Artumès & Co allows the modern man to take a time to reflect, out of the frenzy, upon his wishes, or simply his essential needs.
In addition, if « moving with the times » represents, for many, a world only made of the drabness of concrete, the choice of fabrics, luxurious and comfortable, as well as the subtle palette of colors offered by Artumès & Co will be the echo of you fancy and the cradle of your comfort.

A Family affair

Immersed for several generations in country sports, the Drach family invites you in a world they know best.
Alain, Nicolas and Thomas master its codes, and become the rightful ambassadors of a passion which is really a lifestyle.
They have set their hearts on twisting the shooting and hunting wardrobe and accessories from their original purpose towards new territories.

It is this idea that gave birth to Artumès & Co.

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