Monsieur's wardrobe

The ideal wardrobe of the Artumès & Co man frees itself from the garment seen as a « uniform » of pure reason and function, by revisiting iconic pieces of menswear.
Indeed, forget about a navy blazer if, in its place, you can wear a knitted arTeba : the function remains, but comfort becomes a statement. Therefore, without radically breaking the codes, Artumès & Co works at bringing ancient garments up to date, more in line with our times of riding two wheels more often than horses… To this, Artumès & Co adds a careful selection of materials : first quality of course, but always in keeping with the style and spirit of the garment.
As for Artumès & Co, luxury doesn’t necessarily mean debauchery of pricy fabrics : these may be offered would it make sense on a specific piece, following the principles of restraint that will translate into the obvious elegance of an outfit without fancy dressing the wearer. It is the essence of our raison d’être.
Finally, the garments of the Artumès & Co wardrobe adress a simple issue : offering garments that are obvious, comfortable, appropriate, and in a style that conflates with the personality of the Artumès & Co man. This is what we call elegance.

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